Gateway Venture Mentoring Service

William Lemon, PhD

William grew up in Michigan and has lived in Florida, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Missouri over the years.  He earned a BS in electrical and computer engineering from Wayne State University in Detroit and an MS and PhD in biomedical engineering from University of Michigan in Ann Arbor.  Prior to completing the PhD, his industrial work experience included positions at NASA Kennedy Space Center, Chrysler, and Ford Motor Company where his duties mainly involved engineering, software development and computer system administration.  After earning the PhD he worked in a startup company called Innovation Associates, Inc where he worked as an engineer and software developer on solid-phase immunoassay technologies built on optical fibers and using evanescent wave energies.

During postdoctoral work at The Ohio State University, he studied and published in bioinformatics and genomics while working with the first draft of the human genome and identifying susceptibility genes in preclinical animal cancer models.  He worked and published as a research assistant professor at Washington University in St. Louis in bioinformatics using preclinical animal cancer models and humans.  He was offered the Dean’s position at a four-year technical college called Missouri Tech and he is now director at the UMSL incubator called ITE.  William is a trustee of Eliot Unitarian Chapel in Kirkwood (2010 – present) and is chair-elect of their Board of Trustees.