Gateway Venture Mentoring Service

Tom Oleksy

For nearly 30 years, Tom Oleksy managed manufacturing and marketing companies in the United States, Canada and Europe. These companies produced and distributed engineered products which always required some degree of customization to satisfy customer needs. Tom’s experience has been in the packaging machinery, automation and durable medical equipment industries. In his role as president of these companies, Tom heavily utilized B2B and B2C marketing programs to identify business opportunities, grow revenues and establish effective relationships with customers and distribution partners.

His active role in global markets included development of sales offices in over 70 countries as well as establishment of license agreements in several major countries. These actions resulted in two of his companies being recognized by the U. S. Department of Commerce with the President’s “E” Award for Exporting Excellence. Tom has also served as Chairman of the Board of a 600 member company trade association which actively promoted U.S. exports.

Tom has been active within GVMS since 2008 serving as a lead mentor or mentor on numerous teams. He is currently also the managing partner of a start-up LLC developing a feeding device for premature infants.