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Tom Hagemann

Hagemann is a strategist with extensive skills in technology, sales/marketing, manufacturing, healthcare, process, and distribution. He holds a BA degree in Mathematics & Statistics and Advanced Master’s credit in Mathematics from the University of Missouri-Columbia. While pursuing his Masters, he served as an associate professor teaching college math. He was inducted in Pi Mu Epsilon, a National Honorary Mathematics Fraternity.

He was honored to be selected to participate in an intense mini MBA program at Harvard. He has served in an executive capacity in F-500 corporations, mid-market firms, and as an entrepreneur in several start-ups. He has held senior management positions in consulting, technical sales, and is known as a creative deal maker having crafted key strategic partnerships with IBM and GE and other niche companies. He also spent three years as a contractor at a small investment banking firm where he was to help owners sell their company, buy a company, or raise capital to fund future growth.

Mr. Hagemann is an entrepreneur at heart acting as both investor and a partner. One firm offered a complex S/W & Services solution for integrated healthcare companies spanning multiple locations. The firm was recently acquired in 2014. For the past seven years, he has also volunteered as a lead mentor to “wanna-be-entrepreneurs.” Hagemann believes entrepreneurs are the lynch-pin to our country’s future. He finds mentoring enthusiastic minds keeps him on his toes, young, and constantly learning. Seasoned mentors played a key role in his career success, it’s give back time.

His firm, Custom Wise, works with owners and key executives of privately held companies. Through one on one meetings and a 1-2 day planning session the group works to clarify their company’s Unique Value Add. The objective, a clear actionable plan to achieve significant top line revenue growth. Also, the material to create a new and compelling company story is a frequent byproduct.

Specialties: PERSONAL

• A gift for taking the complex and making it simple. Can take a morass of options, boil it down, and come up with a direct, understandable, do-able plan.

• Enthusiasm to get everyone else involved and excited.

• Being a quick study, fast to grasp a concept, to interpolate math relationships and apply them to how they fit into the business at hand.

• A quick sense of humor which eases tensions in delicate negotiations and makes the work place more enjoyable.