Free Team-Based Mentoring

We provide entrepreneurs access to a pool of mentors whose backgrounds are rich in experience, knowledge, connections, and success. We use a team mentoring approach which consists of two to four mentors, providing entrepreneurs with multiple perspectives to strengthen their business and help accelerate their growth.


Interested ventures can apply here. If a business venture appears to be a good candidate for mentoring, we first schedule an Intake Session with the business venture and a few of our mentors to get to know the entrepreneur and business. If it’s determined to be a good fit with the venture, GVMS then builds a core mentoring team of serial entrepreneurs and business professionals to support that entrepreneur in their endeavors.

That core mentoring team guides the venture through the validation of his/her business model and challenges ongoing assumptions to strengthen the sales pitch and accelerate the growth of the startup.

Specialized GVMS mentors are available to supplement the core mentoring team by providing guidance in the specific fields of legal, accounting, banking, and marketing.