I have enjoyed working with the various types of start ups that have come to GVMS from biotech to ag to games to services.

Victoria WorsMentor

The power and gift of mentoring is universal. Whether it’s a new start-up or major corporation, student, or employee – the positive feelings all parties receive in a mentorship relationship is the memorial for current and future leaders. GatewayVMS help bring this forward.

Adrian StillmanMentor

The team of Gateway mentors includes some of the best business people in St Louis. They bring a wealth of experience and ideas to solving business problems.

Steve MarshMentor

A series of stimulating experiences, beneficial to new expanding business ventures.

Ron ParksMentor

I assisted Aisle 411 through startup and pivots to respond to the Voice Of The Customer.

Steve EpnerMentor

The team approach to mentoring startups and growing businesses provides sound guidance to clients and satisfying collaboration for the mentors.

Gregory Christoffel Mentor