My mentors have been awesome! I’ve only been able to meet with them once because of my schedule and my business keeing me busy, but I have taken the advice they have given me and it has made a difference! It was so helpful to hear different perspectives from them because their diverse backgrounds allowed me to look at my business from angles that I otherwise would not have.

Samantha SpeedNaturally Everything

GatewayVMS has a highly knowledgeable and experienced team of mentors. I have really enjoyed my many fruitful discussions and their insight has lead us to make strategic decision.

I’m very grateful for my GatewayVMS mentors and administrators who supported me with their wisdom, knowledge and connections that would’ve taken me decades to acquire. They were instrumental in helping our social enterprise grow sustainably and win the prestigious 2016 Washington University in St. Louis Social Entrepreneurship Innovation Competition. #GVMSrocks

Rey CastucianoTable Wisdom

Gateway VMS has provided me a plethora of resources and excellent mentors. They are very generous with their time and have a wide range of experience and skills. They helped and continue to help me be a well-rounded entrepreneur. Being an entrepreneur can be a daunting journey and these mentors have made that journey more sure-footed.

Katy ThomasGiG{a}BiT Rocks

GVMS played a critical role in the early-stages of OCM’s development. The mentoring provided candid feedback and accountability as the company began to grow.  The network of relationships created opportunities to learn, partner, and even attract an experienced entrepreneur to help manage and grow the company.

Mark SawyerBonfyre

GVMS mentoring has provided clarity on business models.  Ultimately leading to a different business model than when we started.  The mentoring teams should be viewed as catalysts to thought provoking discussions that may lead to changes in a business plan or strategy, however, they are not the individuals to provide answers or tactical solutions. If I had to describe what the mentors at GVMS meant to me in one word: Catalysts.

Seth BurgettYurbuds

There is no doubt that Nawgan would not have been launched without GatewayVMS. In addition to input, direction and advice from the mentorship team, the direct involvement of Mac McKinney was instrumental in creating the business foundation and roadmap for Nawgan.

Rob PaulNawgan