About Us

We provide pro bono support services and resources to entrepreneurs to help encourage and foster successful business growth in the St. Louis region by connecting people and resources.

Essentially, we provide entrepreneurs a pool of mentors whose backgrounds are rich in experience, knowledge, connections, and success. Our mentors’ expertise and experience stretches across multiple fields and industries; we like to call ourselves business generalists.

We are the only ESO (Entrepreneur Support Organization) that utilizes team-based mentoring, which consists of two or more mentors to one mentee company. This way, the entrepreneur is able to receive multiple perspectives and an array of expertise simultaneously to strengthen their venture and help accelerate their growth.

How We Work

Entrepreneurs submits an online application that outlines the needs of the venture and is the basis for our recommendation of the best resource to advance the business. There are three possible outcomes:

  • GatewayVMS meet with you/your team to gather more information about your venture
  • GatewayVMS ‘fast tracks’ your application and begins to form your mentoring team
  • GatewayVMS refers you to other St. Louis Entrepreneur Support Organizations (ESO) best suited to meet your immediate needs

Quick Facts on GVMS

  • Operations began in 2007
  • 65 mentors volunteer
  • Specialty services are offered in accounting, marketing, legal and banking
  • Met with more than 800 entrepreneurs
  • Mentored more than 150 ventures
  • Staffed nearly 100% by volunteers from the community
  • Funded entirely through donations and corporate sponsorships


GVMS was brought to St. Louis by way of the VMS program @ MIT in Boston. In 2007, Innovate VMS, now Gateway VMS was created as the first affiliate of the team mentoring program recognized by the Kaufmann Foundation for its best practices in mentoring.