Specialty Services

While industry information is nuanced and unique, so much of what makes up each business are fundamental to all.  Every successful startup needs basic services inside or out.  Seeing a need for this, GatewayVMS has built a portfolio of “specialty office hours” to provide you a safe place to ask questions without worry about billable services.

Legal (Dennis Donahue)

  • Standard GatewayVMS Services (Review Business Plan, Provide Business Guidance, Make Introductions & Referrals, etc.)
  • Intellectual Property Consultation (Patent, Trademark, Copyright, Trade Secret, Licensing)
  • Review Existing Intellectual Property Documents (Patent, Trademark, Copyright, Trade Secret, Licensing)\
  • Provide Articles on Intellectual Property with General Guidance (Patent, Trademark, Copyright, Trade Secret, Licensing, Entrepreneurship)
  • Provide Template Confidentiality Agreement
  • Preliminary Patent Search
  • Preliminary Trademark Search
  • Copyright Application Guidance

Legal (Kirk Damman)

  • General IP Advice

Legal (Joe Soraghan)

  • Legal matters pertaining to business operations and growth
  • Danger areas and problems
  • Non-legal business matters

Financial (Christine Schwarz)

  • Cash Flow Analysis
  • Debt Financing and preparation
  • Interim Financial Analysis
  • Pro Forma Financing
  • General Banking and Payment Processing Questions
  • International Transaction Processing
  • Payroll (Not an expert but have general knowledge)

Marketing (Sarah Dow)

  • Top three marketing concerns
  • Target definition/prioritization
  • Meaningful value proposition and tactical business solutions
  • Completing a page Q&A is required in advance of the meeting

Human Resources (Vicky Wors)

  • Provides counsel regarding Human Resources at different levels of employment (i.e. Organizational Development, Labor Relations, Policy & Procedures, etc.)

Restaurant Services (Kent Hirschfelder)

  • Restaurant Start-up and Operations
  • Location/Site Selection
  • Referral Network for: Lease Negotiation, Real Estate Representation, Accounting, Restaurant Insurance, Design, Equipment Acquisition, and Vendor Selection
  • Human Resource Issues
  • Marketing